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Aimee Marcos

Once you utter the words “Aman Resorts”, you know that this is the height of luxury and exclusivity in the world.

There are a total of 31 Aman resorts throughout the whole world, each one is meticulously designed to be an embellishment to their natural surroundings and environment, and tends to highlight local architecture.

Though chic in its layouts, fantastically elegant and secluded, these resorts exude a home-like quality with the tranquil and historical landscapes, that brings out a coziness that will make the most anxiety-ridden person can breathe a long, drawn out sigh of relief.

The first ever of these ultimate resorts was built in 1988 in the beach town Phuket, Thailand and was named Amanpuri, which means “place of peace”, and because of this, the Aman brand was born.

Now known as an ultra luxe brand in absolutely breathtaking locations around the world, they unsurisingly inspire return guests, who some have termed, the “Aman Junkies”. You cannot blame them, really.

With all this, it is only natural that the service in any Aman resort is top notch. You are then treated like royalty, and each day spent there makes sure that almost every whim you may have (within reason), will be taken care of, and then some.

We are looking at what are collectively considered to be the best 10 resorts of this luxurious brand.

Amanpuri Thailand


The list should start off with the OG of all Aman resorts. Built in 1988, this retreat still stands the test of time.

The idyllic setting is perfect to set the Ayutthayan architecture with its sprawling pavilions and villas over looking all the lush and tranquil vegetation of its situ.

All these pavilions and villas are connected with the elevated walk ways, and they all have their own sitting areas outdoors.

The theme is continued throughout with the Thai inspired textiles and furnishings of antiques and art, inside the pavilions and villas too.

Inevitably, this resort has attracted its fair share of celebrities and even royalty, with its secluded location, it is perfect to relax in your anonymity, should you need to.

Amanzoe Greece


Situated on a hill top, Amanzoe is nestled amongst centuries old olive groves, bragging stunning panoramic views of the sea on one side, Peloponnese countryside, the adjacent vineyards, and the breathtaking views of the mountains.

This property is located within easy reach of a bevy of archaeological sites, if you’re into the history of the area, as well as the cosmopolitan island of Spetses.

This exclusive haven of unrivalled natural beauty has quickly become the Mediterranean go to for those in the know.

Classically inspired but with all the sleek comforts of modern living, the Pavilions and Villas are open to generous private terraces each overlooking a stunning view, which creating a undisturbed extension of the airy interiors and an unrivalled sense of space and seclusion.

Just in case you may want to take a dip, just a hop, skip and a jump away, Aman Beach Club comes with two lap pools and two children’s pools that provides fun and games for the whole family but with total privacy by the water.

Aman Tokyo


One of the more cosmopolitan settings of Aman resorts, is Aman Tokio.

Taking up residence in the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo is an urban sanctuary high above the sometimes frenetic and simultaneous vibes of tradition and modernity that defines life in Tokyo.

This branch of the Aman Reosrts takes its inspiration for design mostly from traditional Japanese residential structures.

There are classic Japanese building materials that most will recognize such as wood, stone and Washi paper that is used throughout. With this, to bring in a bit of warmness to the space, the design plays with texture and opulent fabrics to make the aesthetic cozier.

With 84 rooms and suites, all with unique layouts, boast fantastic city views from any vista.

One of the more notable amenities in the rooms is that there is a “furo” or a large and deep soaking tub that is part of the Japanese ritual of bathing.

There is continuous reference to nature and with its art and fabrics used, there is also an inner garden that will help put anyone’s mind at ease from a busy day of work or sightseeing.

Amanoi Vietnam


Tucked away in near the Vinh Hy Bay in the Nui Chua National Park, is Vietnam’s Aman property. It is a contemporary, modern beach resort, that also has a full service Aman Spa.

This is one of the newest to be added to the Aman brand, built in 2013 and as with its other hotels, this is ultra-chic, tranquil and luxe all the way.

Northeast from the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, the hotel’s polished, slate pagodas peek out from a lush green landscape.

There is an infinity pool that seamless view transitions into the sea for the ultimate relaxing view, and the famed spa rests by a lotus-blossom-dotted lake.

As with the other Aman properties, Amanoi gives you total privacy in beautifully clever designed accommodations.

There are 31 pavilions, with a select number of these housing private swimming pools as well, and five Villas, all perched on the hillside with jaw dropping views.

This wonderful oasis was designed by Belgian-born Jean-Michel Gathy and it being off the grid, encourages all visitors into a calm contemplation, whether lounging by the hills side pool, or at the stylish beach club.

Or just surrender yourself to the absolute tranquility and services that the Aman Spa has to offer, by the lotus filled lake.

Amansara Cambodia Khmer Village


When staying in Amansara, you are picked up in one of King Sihanouk’s 1960s Mercedes which is about an 18 minute drive from Siem Reap Airport and is located on the Road to Angkor, is the former royal guest villa of King Norodom Sihanouk.

This hotel is well placed in the French Quarter of Siem Reap, across the road from the Raffles Grand d’Angkor. It’s about a 10-minute tuk-tuk ride to the Old Market area and the Angkor complex.

Using the New Khmer architectural style, this elegant low-rise collection of rooms has a wonderfully rich background: it was first King Sihanouk’s guest house, then became a hotel, but was abandoned during the revolution in 1975.

Since reopening in 2002, the building has been lovingly restored and extended with 12 pool suites around a grassy courtyard that flows perfectly into the quietly luxurious setting of the past, making the Amansara Siem Reap’s classiest accommodation by far.

The Amansara prides itself on the many unique experiences it has designed especially brought about by its wonderful location, from yoga lessons to more original wellness treatments like cranial osteopathy. As is a famous touristy attraction of the area, cooking classes can be arranged at a village house. The ride through the Tonle Sap Lake in the hotel’s own boats, is a must during sunset.

Their large rooms show off an elegant old world style that flows through the rest of the hotel, with dark furniture contrasting beautifully with suave, finished white concrete walls. The windows that are floor to ceiling lead onto a private courtyard with high walls that some guests might consider as a little somber.

For a 21sst century twist in all the old worldly elegance is an integrated sound system and a tablet in each room to ensure the ambiance is just so. As with other Aman properties, there are some rooms that provide their own plunge pools.

The Amansara’s restaurant also has history of its own: it was once a dance hall. The menu features a thoughtful selection of Khmer and Western dishes, sophisticated and although may not be considered haute cuisine, is delightfully tasty.

The best place for a pre-dinner cocktail is by the property’s original pool, a great spot to soak up what echoes remain of the funky, free-wheeling ambience of the 1960s.

Amanbagh India


When thinking about India and the region of Rajasthan, one can only think of one word: lush. And indeed the Amanbagh is everything lush.

Amidst green grounds that houses birds and native greenery, are equally elegant suites that bring back the era of Moghul’s and their palaces of old.

The local wildlife is something that photographers come for, as there is a sanctuary at the Sariska National Park that houses tigers, leopards, deer, antelope, and other wild game.

A must do during this visit is to see the Ajabgarh Fort and Temple (connected by an underground passageway), perhaps by camel (or on foot or by jeep) and to the mysterious “haunted city” of Bhangarh.

It is roughly a five hour drive from Delhi you arrive at Amanbagh and the entrance is a sight to behold. You are surrounded by lush gardens and a beautiful lobby, and there is the unmistakable Aman standard of hospitality that is just unrivaled the world over.

A stay here is going into the glamour of the old world, one where you read in fairy tales.

Amanwana Indonesia


If you’re into a bit of a more down to earth Aman experience then Amanwana is it. It is situated in the remote Indonesian Moyo Island.

Picture yourself having the most epic glamping experience money can buy, which is what Amanwana affords. There are the usual diving and snorkeling available, there is a lot of the island to explore. Surprisingly even with its remote location, the food is one of the best of the Aman resorts.

Undeniably, it is the remoteness is the allure of Amanwana. This is a place you go to when you want to be able to spend time away from reality and just be by yourself and your loved one or family.

The island is dotted with villages and some other guesthouses, and the main attraction would be the Mata Jitu waterfall. There is an option to hire a yacht for you and your company to go around island hopping.

The accommodations are about 20 tent like structures, 11 are on the beachfront and the rest hiding away in the jungle, and is every picture of a dream vacation to the tropics. For the city dwellers, this is the epitome of quiet and if you’re not used to it, it may be a little disconcerting at first.

The Restaurant, which is the only place to eat and drink on the resort provides Indonesian fare, as well as the usual western food.

There is a bit of a lightshow at night time, with candle light and beachfront tables set to let guests eat on the beach after dark. It is of course mandatory to eat the fresh seafood that is served. Though being Aman, there will still be Wagyu steaks available for the ordering if you need your protein fix, and they have a healthy selection of vegetarian meals on hand as well, as they have an organic garden within the grounds of the resort.

Amanyara Caribe


The beautiful island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, super exclusive Amanyara is a secluded getaway that embraces the best elements of the Caribbean.

Acclaimed as one of the world’s best wall and reef diving sites, the resort has one of the most beautiful, semi private white beach.

Modern in its layout and design, the 38 timber-shingled pavilions boast expansive outdoor space and stunning vistas of the ocean, tranquil ponds or coastal vegetation. Each of the rooms have terraces at their entrances, king sized beds (of course), and wooden sundecks to just lie about in.

On the 1.5 acre property, there are 20 Amanyara villas that –get this– has unique views, and is serviced by a chef as well as a host who are basically your “staff” when you’re there.

The spa facilities are of course, top notch, and will be able to provide you with an array of holistic programs as well as treatments to rejuvenate you.

As with all Aman resorts, the service is impeccable and there will be little that you would want more than perhaps another a drink in the sun.

They say that this particular resort may make you into what is jokingly known as “An Aman Junkie” right quick.

Amanera Dominican Republic Casita


Amanera is the first of all the Aman resorts to center its facilities around a sport, which is golf.

Amanera, which means “peaceful waters”, is set upon the north coast of the Dominican Republic. As with all Amanera resorts, this property sits on some of the most pristine jungles of the Caribbean forest, sprawling across more than 2,170 acres of land.

With one of the most beautiful beaches of the region your backyard, you can be one with the ocean and golden sands at any time of the day. Breathtaking views and an idyllic setting surrounds you as you play a round. Framed with dramatic natural scenery the 25 little houses or “casitas”, dot the coastline with lush and verdant greenery.

Floor to ceiling glass doors that frame tall ceilings open up to the rooms, with their positioning making sure you get the most out of the spectacular views. There is shade provided by overhanging eaves in the terraces of the outside dining and lounging areas, and each casita boast private swimming pools.

For the ultimate height of relaxation, go into the spa and try the variety of therapies available, or you can do it in the privacy of your casita.

Regardless of where you do so, it is guaranteed that you will experience the first class services this Aman resort has to offer.

Aman Sveti Stefan Montenegro



The fortified island of Sveti Stefan is quite possibly the most iconic image that is associated with Montenegro.

This fort dates all the way back to the 15th century and is rumored to have been a bastion to Adriatic pirates when they ruled the waters.

Attached by that sliver isthmus, this restored village lies across the bay from Villa Miločer, a former royal retreat, and provides unparalleled views and vistas to the Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On 80 acres of land (which is around 1.3 miles) which makes up the beaches and the famed Aman Spa, sprawls the Aman Sveti Stefan. They have kept the rustic and historic 15 century exterior unchanged, but the inside of the resort is another story.

Bringing it to the present, this Aman property boasts 58 different lodgings, all coming with modern amenities in their bathrooms that we have come to expect from the brand.

There are also exquisite views, from the endless scenes of the sea to little rooftops and views of the neighboring villages with their courtyards and piazzas.

Bringing the old world charm of Europe up to date, Aman Sveti Stefan is the best destination if you want to straddle two versions of time for your vacation.

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