Editorial #35

Maria de Juan

The thin line between art and design.

Summer means heat and this NEOMANIA brings you an explosion of art creators. Watching artists like Lichtenstein and Keith Haring opens a debate: Where lies the thin line between Art and Graphic Design?

They are both great visual provocateurs. Roy’s technique imitates comic magazines and the printing process with points on a large scale. Keith succeeded in magnifying and changing the graphic and artistic language, innovating with his own unique energetic style. They use resources that continue to work today and still make doubts, if we talk about Art or Design or if Design and Art meet and touch each other in the process of creativity, being part of each other or as two starting from one same objective: expression of human creativity.

art and design

We explore the world of dance in paintings by Degas, French impressionist depicting movement and femininity. “Passion for Perfection” is his exhibition at Denver Museum at Cambridge University. Enamoured of Paris, is Hungarian Brassai, a key figure in Photography history who captured bohemian night life. From Pompidou in Paris, he arrives at Mapfre Foundation (Barcelona).

We jump to enjoy the humour moods and colour explosions of two New Yorkers.

Roy Lichtenstein, absolute reference of American Pop art. He has 3 exhibitis at Tate Liverpool, Amsterdam Contemporary Museum and New York City Museum.

Keith Haring, American icon of graffiti, has 8 museum exhibitions in 2018: Albertina Museum (Vienna), Chicago Cultural Center, Kobuchizawa Museum (Japan), New York MOMA, Whitney Museum (NYC), NY City Museum, Broad Museum (Los Angeles) and Wereld Museum (Rotterdam).

Let’s taste the culinary art of Pedro Subijana, explore the newest Nobu restaurant (Marbella) and travel to Costa Rica

Canadian company Cirque du Soleil, reveals its secrets with “TOTEM” at Museu del Disseny in Barcelona. Its motto: “Evoke, invoke and provoke.”

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art and design

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