Summer in the city

Sara Darling

How to cope with a scorchio summer in the city without melting your brain.

August means one thing- our annual heatwave, floaty dresses, tanned arms and sundowners on a rooftop. It also means you will probably be exposing more skin than normal which might provoke a premature heat rash. But don’t panic, confidence comes from within, so start with the basics and your summer will start to look rosy.

Whatever your plans for the summer, in real life, you won’t be able to disguise yourself with Instagram filters, or have a celebrity personal trainer, but all is not lost, as these small steps will help you focus on feeling good about you and oozing self assurance. As Beyoncé says “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence” so find your inner diva and believe in yourself.

Just by changing your attitude towards your daily routine and summer wardrobe, and focussing on your favourite bits, will give you a great start. If you are confident in yourself, then you are in control and are less likely to feel helpless in the heat.

Prendas de armario

5 daily activities to ensure you are Diva ready for summer


Recognise that nobody is perfect. Take a look in the mirror and instead of being critical of yourself wondering why you aren’t skinny enough, toned enough, tall enough, short enough, concentrate on the bits that you love. Everyone has their “best bits”, so instead of being down on everything else, focus on how good those parts of you are. Start looking and noticing the beauty of you and notice how doing this everyday adds to your confidence.


No one likes getting interrupted from a really good dream by an alarm; But if you change your mindset, and recognise that you are getting up to go to work and earn money to live the life you want to, the need to get up will be put into perspective.

Take control of your day from the start, and mentally plan out what to wear, what to eat and how you’re feeling, and you will bounce out of bed, on a mission to have a great day.


If you have an organised wardrobe, choosing everyday items shouldn’t be a mission, and it should be filled with clothing you love. Make sure that all the clothes in your wardrobe fit and suit you. Don’t hang on to anything ‘just in case’ you’ll shift the extra half a kilo. Clothes have the power to make us feel confident, and if you don’t wear any items in your wardrobe, you should have a clear out. Find styles and shapes that work for you, and you will step out with confidence.



If you dread the journey into work, that’s not going to put you in a very good mood, and you need something to boost your spirits. You don’t have to be glued to social media, make a happy tunes playlist, to motivate you. Music is a great mood lifter, choose the songs that make you want to get up and dance, stand tall and smile wide. They can be your secret, but that should be your morning playlist.


When it is time to hit the beach, don your chosen swimwear, and ‘practice’ around your house.

Doing normal everyday chores will really allow you to see if the swimwear works for you. If you don’t feel comfortable, and the bottoms keep riding, or you feel like you are popping out of the top, it’s a good opportunity to see if this is the best version of you before you hit the pool, and it forces you to spend some time with your body in a way you might not normally.


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