Leonard Paris and his trip to Masái Mara


Savannah and animal prints wrap a feminine silhouette that opts for adventure without losing a hint of femininity and sophistication.

Travelling to beautiful places; seeing countries that have little or nothing to do with us; feeling the freedom of the traveler who escapes stereotypes; living and enjoying every day as if it was their last one. All this and more can be inferred from every single one of the pieces signed by Christina Phung for Leonard Paris for next spring-summer 2018.

Leonard Paris

Through the collection of the Parisian designer, Leonard´s women discover the landscapes of Masai Mara, on the border of Kenya and Tanzani, an exceptional spot to enjoy life leisurely, to the rhythm of the Savannah.

Leonard Paris

Silky and diaphanous fabrics wrap smiling women who let themselves be loved by dresses, skirts, and cuts stylizing the waists of those who find in Paris style their best weapon to embark on the conquest of unknown territories, full of surprises.

Leonard Paris

Large pockets, sophisticated platform sandals and tribal necklaces turn into perfect symbols of belonging, but never of fragility.

Blues, coral tones, yellows and oranges transform the feminine universe into a multicolor palette, resulting in a visual and artistic spectacle that will not go unnoticed.

Leonard Paris

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Leonard Paris

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