The firm remains faithful to the ideals from decades ago, and, in spite of the development, the priority is to continue dressing a daring woman, supersexy and glamourous. Zero moderation. Azzaro’s autumn steps on the fallen leaves, with a touch of romanticism but superlative grace. Make way!

Advertising photography, specially between 70s and 80s, reflects the expression of the seductive woman, carrying that outmoded funk elegance, with a sexual charge as stunning as sequins and as luxuriant as the infinite transparencies, feathers and cleavages; a photographic style, on the other hand, reproduced over and over again, but, what is left of those extreme women of Azzaro? Well, they have matured without giving up an ounce of the voluptuous component, the key ingredient with different notes and intensity, as on this occasion, when the lushness is latent in the long coats, velvet dresses and jumpsuits, in crêpes and satins that fit to the body, adorned strategically with embroidered crystal strips, longitudinal bands of transparent tulle and surrealistic prints.

All this makes up a route of luxurious silhouettes bathed by blue, cobalt, nude, lime and magenta. An interesting prescription to face the intimate dark and the cold winter: colour, lust and a little of nostalgia, in its right amount.

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