Neomania #41


Maria de Juan

Neomania #41. Rebirth of Phoenix bird

According to Greek mythology, the ave Phoenix is a long-lived bird that regenerates from its own ashes.

Legend tells that it lived in the Garden of Paradise and its nest was a rosebush.

Its tragic fate was to die in a fiery spectacle of flames and fire.

After being reduced to ashes, the Phoenix resurfaced resurrecting, every five hundred years… always unique and eternal.

We inaugurate a new stage of relative normality. We too are resurrecting after a long lethargy of fears and uncertainties.

As proof, we have a worldwide boom of museums, art fairs and fashion shows (at last with public!), reappearing after a long hibernation.

The world sphere continues to roll and Neomania is back in the bullring, providing fresh air in the midst of storms.

In this issue, read Forest City where we propose a greener future with incredible architecture, covered by gardens and hanging plants.

In addition to a return to nature, if we save the world it will be thanks to the most valuable thing we have: love.

For this reason, in the Art section, we present the most enamoured painter: Marc Chagall.

We add a portion of optimism with the French photographer Lartigue… and a touch of sophistication with the Art Nouveau style that invaded Europe between 1890 and 1910 but will always live on.

In Surrealism and Design, we offer you some of the most interesting innovations, selecting the most unlikely furniture and objects designed by crazy surrealist artists.

And for strange concepts, we inform you about District Hive… an absurd novelty or the future of tourism?

Once again, our magazine brings to you gifts of art, novelty and optimism. Like the Phoenix bird, we wish to be a symbol of renewal.

Neomania #41 enlightens your mind with an “almost eternal” flame that instills passion in your life.

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