Shiatzy Chen



Shiatzy Chen and its mirage of elegance

True to what we have become accustomed to, Shiatzy Chen has once again perfectly combined the mysticism of the East with the most Western culture, giving shape to an exquisite tapestry of fashion, mythology, and modernity without precedent. Are you ready to discover it?

Who has never heard of the mythical cities that appear as mirages in oriental tales?

shiatzy chen spring summer 2024

shiatzy chen spring summer 2024

shiatzy chen spring summer 2024

shiatzy chen spring summer 2024

shiatzy chen spring summer 2024

shiatzy chen spring summer 2024

shiatzy chen spring summer 2024

shiatzy chen spring summer 2024

It is these oriental dreams that Chen turns into the epicentre of its sleepless nights in a collection that revolves around the figure of the Mirage Dragon, the most mythical and powerful of the nine species of mythical dragon, which makes each and every one of the pieces that shape the collection breathe an exceptional divine vitality.

This is how the Taiwanese fashion house makes oriental dreams meet, face to face, with the most western sophistication.

A meeting that makes us embark on a pleasant journey through the annals of the history of the Far East, through dragon prints that seem to come to life, infusing the garments with a sense of vitality that invites us to enjoy the very spectacle of our existence.

Shiatzy Chen offers us a collection in which each garment looks like a canvas ready to be painted by the wearer.
They are pieces in which the lace overlaps in a subtle and delicate way, creating a silvery metallic sheen that reminds us of seashells.

Organza and tweed combine perfectly to recreate, like an illusion, the appearance of coral under the bottom of the sea. Its embellishments seem to have been created to bring to life garments that would otherwise be missing it.

And so, without haste but without hesitation, Shiatzy Chen seamlessly intertwines mythology and modernity, establishing a captivating dialogue between two worlds whose combination becomes a clear symbol of elegance and eternity.

A perfect symbiosis in which there is also a clear tribute to the natural world, through embroidery, prints, and metal jacquard, which reinterprets the paintings and shows the poetry of life embodied in oriental art born of a gentle but determined force.

It is a force that drives us to opt, in our spring-summer evenings, for art and the fusion of cultures; while it is true that a priori it may seem difficult to achieve, Shiatzy Chen has turned this fusion, through its garments, into a tangible and lasting reality, into a true masterpiece of elegance and oriental poetry.

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