Evan McDougall

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Evan McDougall is a freelance industrial designer from Canada. He describes himself as a designer that is “creating meaningful products and experiences for companies big and small.”

The sleek and comfortable lines that he uses in his designs show that his work is adaptable to every day living, but stylish enough to make them stand out.

Evan McDougall portrait

He has worked with all manner of companies that are big and small, and has been working with start ups and Fortune 500 companies in his native Canada, the United States, and is especially inspired by the Scandinavian style of design.

He believes that he when he designs, what sets his work apart is that of his ability to see how the user will be able to handle his work. Will it be more helpful or hindrance? It is all about stylish practicality and we have to say we can see why. Though the seemingly simple designs may be, the visual impact of the work can be held in a standard that art is. Smooth and unassuming, his designs are useful and unique in any setting.

With international clients and several he cannot disclose yet (but we are excited for), making the simple beautiful seems to be the overriding style of Mr. McDougall. Industrial or otherwise, it would be great to see not only who he will be working with next, but what he will be making in the future. We will be keeping an eye out for his future work.

Evan McDougall EXO
Place of origin / birth:

Born in Winnipeg Canada. lives / grew up in Vancouver Canada

Inspiration / muses:

The natural world (back country camping, hiking, etc.)

First project:

A line of backpacks designed with MEC (Canada’s largest outdoors retailer). This was a great learning experience as a young designer going to the Philippines to develop the packs.

Top projects:

Unfortunately, the majority of my professional work is still confidential. a few that I can mention though:
Elo (hot stone heater launched recently raised +$500,000)
Neuralink surgical robot (designed in conjunction with WOKE studio)

Firms for which you have designed:

MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) , NewDealDesign, Above (Malmö Sweden), Freelance, Conifer Homewares.

Favourite work you’ve done:

Although I have been incredibly lucky to work with some world renowned brands my favourite work to date was founding Conifer Homewares. We 3D print sustainable, biodegradable homewares right here in Vancouver, Canada. Being able to create beautiful homewares which merge contemporary Scandinavian forms and sustainability has been a dream come true.Evan McDougall CONIFER

Function or Form: which drives you more?

I find more inspiration and fulfillment form giving but this must be informed by a solid user experience. It is easy to design a beautiful product, it is much harder to design a beautiful product with a seamless user experience.

What would be your dream project / collaboration?

Although most of my professional experience has been in the consumer electronics industry I have always dreamt of working with Hay or Muuto designing beautiful Scandinavian furniture and homewares.

See more of his work at www.evanmcdougall.com/

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