Hussein Chalayan


He has one of the most amazing curriculums of the fashion world, having pushed experimentation to unknown limits with a balance of design, criticism and thought as a formula far away from the purely superficial. His work, intrinsically linked to art and the concept of identity, has faithfully accompanied transgression icons like Björk.

Piero FornasettiPiero Fornasetti

Tt is impossible to separate hussein Chalayan’s design from artistic practice: his style is defined by astonishing patterns and the perfect coalition of innovation and sensitivity. As a result of this creative and crosswise instinct, some projects of collaboration as interesting as vsp Chalayan arise in Oaris. Recently created, vsp bursts into scene as an alternative product to the brand system, a partnership of craftsmen and designers based on the principle of integration between tradition and technical innovation to create self- described designs, but also tactile, energetic, contemporary designs using first-class natural materials, like leather, shearling and wool.

In this context, the designer participates with a plain and minimalistic season collection, urban and asian sophistication summed up in a powerful ode to black. Culotte trousers and loose double-breasted jackets or kimono, schemas smoothly moulded by respectful raw materials. A superb result thanks to this crossing of talents

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