Modern as waves,
old as the sea,
always never different
but never always the same.
Eduardo Chillida.

Eduardo Chillida

Creativity is the defeat of tradition by originality.

Neomania is a magazine designed for a restless and contemporary audience, sensitive to the different expressions of beauty and creation.


With a fresh perspective based on a dynamic graphic and editorial concept, our pages reflect the intensity and vitality of contemporary design in all of its aspects.


Design, art, architecture, fashion, travelling, lifestyle and interior decoration.


All spaces of intersection and fusion between these disciplines are some of the subjects with which we are concerned.


We leave home to come closer to nature. We don’t miss the latest trends.


We ask ourselves about the world we live in with a critical attitude.


We are a bilingual magazine, child of global culture, which blends past, present and future, images and words with rhythm, risk and truth.


Two key elements in Neomania’s philosophy are poetry and emotion.


Poetry in the way of approaching issues and emotion in the way of communicating –and connecting– with our readers.

Let’s be realistic.
Ask for the impossible.

An interior magazine that is not just touching the surface of things, a design magazine which raises new questions, an architecture magazine that is intuitively explored, a magazine for professionals that is discovered with the eyes of a child, a close magazine with a global vision, a serious magazine with a touch of madness.


A magazine that reveals the interior of the interiors, an independent magazine inserted in the market.


The design that revolutionises you, the architecture that makes you vibrate, the objects that you want, the nature that inspires you, the interiors that invite you to dream, the ideas that move you, the art that touches you, the people who change your life, the emotion that reveals the beauty.

Dedicated to all those people who believed in Neomania even prior to its brith
and to all those who believe in Neomania now.
All of you have helped make this birthday possible.

Revista pensada para un público inquieto y contemporáneo, sensible a la creatividad.

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N-340, km. 176
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29602 Marbella [Spain]

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Serrano, 98
28006 MadrId [Spain]

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