Anticipating London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024: A Glimpse into the Upcoming Showcase


Aimee Marcos

As the fashion world eagerly counts down to London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024, set to take place from February 16th to 20th, 2024, the anticipation is palpable. While the runway lights haven’t yet dazzled, your list of designers sparks excitement for what promises to be a dynamic and innovative showcase. Let’s delve into the anticipated presentations, offering a glimpse into the upcoming extravaganza.

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Paul Costelloe – Classic Tailoring with a Twist (February 16th, 9 AM)

Scheduled to kick off the fashion week on February 16th at 9 AM, Paul Costelloe is expected to present a collection that marries classic tailoring with contemporary twists. Known for his timeless elegance, Costelloe’s runway is anticipated to feature pops of color and patterns, setting the stage for a captivating showcase that transcends the ordinary.

Fashion enthusiasts can expect a symphony of tailored silhouettes, each piece telling a story of sartorial sophistication. The anticipation builds as the fashion community awaits Costelloe’s interpretation of modernity, knowing that the designer has a knack for seamlessly blending tradition with the avant-garde.

Leo Carlton – Unraveling Identities through Sculptural Displays (February 16th)

Leo Carlton’s static installations are poised to take London Fashion Week by storm on February 16th. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of conventional presentations, Carlton is expected to unveil a sculptural display titled “Unraveling Identities.” The anticipation lies in the unique storytelling that unfolds through the intersection of fashion and art, promising an immersive experience that challenges traditional norms.

The runway becomes a canvas for artistic expression, and attendees can expect to witness a visual narrative that transcends the ordinary. Carlton’s ability to unravel identities through non-traditional means adds an element of intrigue to the fashion week, setting a tone for a week of innovation and creativity.

MASHA POPOVA – Sustainable Fashion Spotlight (February 16th, 10 AM)

Scheduled for February 16th at 10 AM, MASHA POPOVA is expected to bring sustainability to the forefront of London Fashion Week. With an emphasis on ethical production, flowing silhouettes, and natural textures, Popova’s collection is anticipated to be a manifestation of responsible fashion. The runway becomes a platform for more than just aesthetics, as each ensemble echoes a commitment to a more sustainable and conscientious industry.

As fashion continues to navigate the path toward ethical practices, Popova’s showcase is poised to make a statement that resonates beyond the runway. Attendees can look forward to a collection that seamlessly blends style with a dedication to the well-being of the planet.

Noon By Noor – Middle Eastern Heritage and Vibrant Colors (February 16th, 10:30 AM)

Debuting their collection on February 16th at 10:30 AM, Noon By Noor is anticipated to celebrate its Middle Eastern heritage with a burst of vibrant colors and bold prints. The runway becomes a canvas where cultural richness meets contemporary design, offering a visual feast for attendees.

Noon By Noor’s showcase is expected to tell a story of tradition reimagined, with each ensemble reflecting the designers’ Middle Eastern roots. The anticipation builds as fashion enthusiasts await a collection that pays homage to heritage while embracing the dynamism of modern fashion.

Bora Aksu – Romance and Ethereal Beauty (February 16th, 11 AM)

Scheduled for February 16th at 11 AM, Bora Aksu is expected to transport the audience into a world of romance and ethereal beauty. Known for delicate layering and floral details, Aksu’s collection is anticipated to be a poetic exploration of timeless elegance. The runway becomes a dreamscape, with each piece embodying a sense of grace and sophistication.

As the fashion community eagerly awaits Bora Aksu’s presentation, the anticipation is for a collection that captures the essence of poetic fashion, where every garment is a brushstroke on the canvas of sartorial artistry.

EDWARD CRUTCHLEY – Exploring Gender Fluidity and Empowerment (February 16th, noon)

Stepping onto the runway at noon on February 16th, EDWARD CRUTCHLEY is expected to explore themes of gender fluidity and empowerment. With innovative tailoring and construction techniques, Crutchley’s collection is anticipated to be a stage for dialogue, challenging stereotypes and celebrating diversity.

The runway becomes a platform for more than just fashion; it transforms into a space where empowerment takes center stage. As the fashion world eagerly awaits Crutchley’s showcase, the expectation is for a collection that not only pushes the boundaries of design but also sparks conversations about inclusivity and self-expression.

Sinéad O’Dwyer – Innovative Knitwear and Sustainable Materials (February 17th)

Scheduled for February 17th, Sinéad O’Dwyer is anticipated to present a collection known for its innovative use of sustainable materials and unique knitwear designs. O’Dwyer’s commitment to sustainable fashion adds a layer of significance to the showcase, as attendees can expect a collection that challenges traditional norms and pioneers a path toward a more sustainable future for the industry.

The anticipation is for an avant-garde presentation that not only showcases unique knitwear designs but also propels the conversation around sustainability in the fashion industry.

Completedworks – Deconstructed and Avant-Garde Elegance (February 17th)

On February 17th, Completedworks is set to captivate the audience with its deconstructed and avant-garde approach to fashion. Known for pushing the boundaries of conventional design, Completedworks is expected to present a collection that invites attendees into a world of artistic experimentation.

The runway becomes a playground for creativity, where traditional norms are discarded in favor of innovative and avant-garde designs. Attendees can anticipate a showcase that challenges perceptions and redefines the boundaries of contemporary fashion.

Mark Fast – Knitwear Playfulness and Textural Experiments (February 17th)

Mark Fast, a maestro in the world of knitwear, is scheduled to present his collection on February 17th. Renowned for playful experimentation with color and texture, Fast’s runway is anticipated to be a visual symphony of tactile delight. Each garment is expected to showcase the designer’s intricate craftsmanship and push the boundaries of contemporary knitwear.

As the fashion world eagerly awaits Mark Fast’s presentation, the anticipation is for a collection that not only celebrates the versatility of knitwear but also surprises with innovative design elements.

HUISHAN ZHANG – Refined Luxury and Impeccable Tailoring (February 17th)

Closing the day on February 17th, HUISHAN ZHANG is expected to offer a refined and luxurious collection. With impeccable tailoring and high-quality materials, Zhang’s designs are anticipated to embody sophistication and timeless elegance. The runway becomes a stage for craftsmanship, where each piece reflects the designer’s commitment to creating enduring pieces.

Attendees can look forward to a collection that transcends trends, offering a lasting contribution to the world of high fashion. HUISHAN ZHANG’s showcase is expected to be a culmination of refined luxury, a perfect note to close the day’s festivities.


As London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 approaches, the anticipation builds, and the fashion world eagerly awaits the unveiling of these collections. The runways will transform into stages where creativity, innovation, and artistic expression converge, setting the tone for a week of sartorial brilliance. 

Please note that the schedule is subject to change, and it is recommended to check the official London Fashion Week website for the most up-to-date information. Stay tuned for updates and highlights as London Fashion Week unfolds, offering a front-row seat to the future trends and narratives shaping the global fashion industry.

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