Paris Fashion Week: A Tale of Contrasts and Cultural Resilience


Aimee Marcos

Paris Fashion Week, an annual extravaganza of sartorial innovation and global design convergence, recently mesmerized fashion enthusiasts with its blend of diversity and creativity. This edition featured standout showcases from MAITREPIERRE and SAUDI 100 BRANDS, offering a glimpse into the dynamic and contrasting worlds of fashion. Let’s embark on a journey through the narratives that unfolded during this prestigious event, celebrating the union of tradition and modernity, sustainability, and empowering voices in fashion.

MAITREPIERRE Unveils “Less & More” FW24-25 Collection: Blending Reality and Virtuality

camille lellouche charlotte lebon marie papillon by jeremy melloul maitrepierre 1000

MAITREPIERRE, the visionary fashion house, seized the spotlight with its Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection, provocatively named “Less & More.” The runway became a canvas for a thought-provoking exploration of the interplay between the virtual and real realms, encapsulating the paradoxes of our contemporary existence.

The aesthetic narrative unfolded as a delicate fusion of Kawaii, representing Japanese cute culture, and the timeless elegance of Paris. Cat-dresses, paired unexpectedly with teenage hoodies and cashmere coats, showcased the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion. Hybrid cap hats integrated with lavalieres and drapes added an innovative touch, while laser-cut dresses resembling digital embroidery provided a visual feast, marrying the essence of worn garments with past treasures.

Collaborations played a pivotal role in elevating MAITREPIERRE’s collection. New York artist Gracelee Lawrence, known for her avant-garde approach, contributed original designs created from GMO corn residue, exploring the aesthetics of video games. The collaboration with Parisian shoemaker CAREL birthed eight bio-sourced shoe models, seamlessly integrating sustainability with high fashion.

Sustainability emerged as the cornerstone of the collection, with a bold commitment to crafting 100% of pieces from deadstock, waste, or certified recycled materials. As the official ambassador of NONA Source, MAITREPIERRE proudly embraced carbon neutrality, pushing the boundaries of ethical and responsible fashion.

The beauty and hair elements were carefully curated to complement the collection’s ethos. Makeup by Ruby Mazuel in partnership with EMBRYOLISSE and hair styling by Gabriel de Fries, with support from Less Is More, added the finishing touches. MAITREPIERRE’s “Less & More” became more than a collection; it became a manifesto challenging norms and redefining sustainable fashion.

Saudi Fashion Takes Center Stage at Paris Fashion Week

s100 aw24 runway 1000

In a celebration of diversity and empowerment, SAUDI 100 BRANDS, led by the Saudi Fashion Commission, made a resounding impact at Paris Fashion Week. Featuring the talent of 16 Saudi designers, this edition of the event carried an exclusive focus on women-owned brands, shedding light on emerging female voices from Saudi Arabia.

The three-day residency at Les Cordeliers unfolded as a multifaceted event, transforming the fashion landscape with a dynamic interplay of showroom presentations, fashion shows, and networking events. Two networking events, co-hosted by industry leaders NSS Magazine and Tank Magazine, facilitated connections, fostering collaborations and bridging cultural divides.

Diverse Design Portfolios:

The featured Saudi designers unveiled a diverse range of styles and inspirations, creating a rich tapestry of Saudi fashion:

Fusion of Tradition and Modernity: Brands like Mona Alshebil and Apoa skillfully blended Saudi heritage with contemporary aesthetics, offering a harmonious fusion of the old and the new.

Luxury and Craftsmanship: Designers such as Ashwaq Almarshad and Dazluq showcased intricate details and premium materials, prioritizing luxury and craftsmanship in their creations.

Modern Interpretations of Tradition: Chador and Charmaleena took traditional elements such as kaftans and cultural motifs, infusing them with a modern twist and fresh perspectives.

Sustainable and Innovative Approaches: Brands like Abadia and MD29 emerged as pioneers, championing sustainability and pushing design boundaries with cutting-edge approaches.

Sophistication and New Perspectives: Pavone, RMRM, Samar Nasraldin, and The Dropped Collection offered a diverse range of styles, from timeless elegance to contemporary and fresh perspectives.

Sustainability and Knitwear Expertise: Yasmina Q made a powerful statement, prioritizing sustainability in its unique knitwear designs, showcasing the brand’s commitment to responsible fashion.

Timeless Jewelry: Yataghan Jewellery combined heritage with modern design, crafting timeless pieces that represented the intersection of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.


In conclusion, Paris Fashion Week proved to be a crucible of contrasts and cultural resilience. MAITREPIERRE and SAUDI 100 BRANDS, though distinct in their narratives, echoed a common theme of pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and embracing diversity. As we applaud the designers’ ingenuity and celebrate the vibrant narratives that unfolded, let us stay tuned for more updates on Paris Fashion Week by checking the official site. The world of fashion continues to evolve, and Paris Fashion Week remains at its forefront, a beacon guiding us through the ever-changing landscapes of style and creativity.

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