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The largest sphere in the world

The largest spherical venue in the world is in Las Vegas and has a gigantic screen, designed by Spanish architect Miguel Montgivel.

sphere las vegas outside

In September 2023, The Sphere Las Vegas opened its doors for the first time, a new attraction that aims to redefine the world of entertainment thanks to the most advanced technology incorporating LED lights into an ambitious spherical construction. Located next to the famous Strip in the well- known city of Nevada, construction began years ago and was completed in 2023.

The Sphere is taller than the Statue of Liberty, and measures 112 meters high and 157 meters wide.

What makes this space unique and special is its almost spherical shape with a dazzling circular construction. The space has earned the title of the largest sphere in the world created by man. Its exterior is covered by 55,000 illuminated square meters, fully programmable and different for each show.

The promoters, Madison Square Garden (MSG), had planned a second Sphere in Stratfrod, London, although its construction has been canceled due, among other reasons, to its very high cost.

Capacity: 39,000 attendees

The capacity of the auditorium is impressive. It can accommodate up to 17,500 people seated plus 21,500 standing.

sphere las vegas

Immersive experience

The VIP entrances, 10,000 seats, are equipped with haptic technology, meaning they can vibrate to make the public feel tactilely what is happening on the screen.

The concert vibes are more palpable by amplifying the vibes, bass and drums. 4D machines contribute to a fully immersive experience. They can recreate sensations of breeze, wind, temperature changes and even aroma and odour effects.

Outdoor screen: 54,000 m2

The outer cover of the sphere is completely illuminated by a 54 thousand square meter LED screen, an area equivalent to about 8 football stadiums.

It has 50 million LED lights, lit every day and night. The first time the Sphere was fully illuminated was with the words “Hello World“, followed by animated fireworks with lights and music. It was July 4, 2023, American Independence Day.

sphere las vegas inside

Interior screen: 15,000 m2

Inside, a screen almost as big as three football fields and an innovative sound system, make everything that takes place within this space becomes a unique experience.

The screen that attendees see at shows,Within the sphere, it has 15,000 square meters. With 173 million pixels, it is the largest screen and the highest resolution in the world. It goes from the ground up to 76 meters high.

A firm from Zaragoza, led by architect Miguel Montgivel, has created and developed the extraordinary project of the design and engineering of the two screens.

Sound: 167,000 speakers

Sphere‘s sound is designed using a technology called Wave Field Synthesis, which uses a large amount of electronically controlled speakers. The interference of their waves produces a very similar acoustic experience from anywhere in the gigantic room.

The 167,000 speakers are distributed around the venue guaranteeing clear sound for every viewer, with an integrated system called Holoplot. Assistants to the shows confirm that acoustic insulation is surprising: outside the room you can’t hear anything that’s happening inside.

sphere las vegas msg

Cost: 2.3 billion dollars

In 2019, the total cost of the project was estimated to be 1.2 billion dollars. However, improvements in the design, increase in inflation and supply crisis, consequence of the pandemic, ended up almost doubling the investment. It is the most expensive auditorium in Las Vegas, even above the Allegiant Stadium, which quadruples the audience capacity.

The Sphere at the Venetian Resort, also known as MSG Sphere, opened to the public with a series of concerts headlined by Irish rock band U2 in September 2023 in Las Vegas. The design is from the firm Populous, studio of architecture specialised in mass stadiums.

The project, located east of Las Vegas and connected to the Venetian resort, is designed for hosting various events, including music, movies and even sports.

The entire spherical façade acts as a giant screen, equipped with 1.2 million LEDs. They can be programmed to display dynamic images and animations, transforming the building into an attraction point in Las Vegas.

The city already offers other striking experiences such as the “Dancing Fountains” of the Bellagio Hotel or the small-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. The MSG Sphere is illuminated day and night, with the displays adapted according to the season and events.

Inside, the Sphere offers immersive cinema experiences and all kinds of shows. The acts on stage are supported by a gigantic 16K resolution LED screen that completely surrounds the audience. It creates an immersive light show with realistic animations that eliminate the feeling of two dimensions, providing a three-dimensional experience.

The arena is designed primarily to host performance shows and concerts, but it can also host sporting events situated in a ring, such as boxing or mixed martial arts. The property includes 304 parking spaces, with additional garages available nearby. The venue is connected to The Venetian and the Sands Expo Convention Center via an impressive 1,000-foot pedestrian bridge.

The group U2 opened The Sphere in Las Vegas with its show titled “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live” at Sphere in 2023. The MSG company plans to organise four to six events each year.

sphere london

Plans for a similar project in London have been scrapped due to its sky-high cost and lack of support from planning officials. The proposal received negative comments from people who live nearby. The mayor, Sadia Khan, also questioned the design.

They believe it would cause significant light intrusion resulting in significant damage to the views of neighbouring properties and the large crowds of attendees would affect the quality of everyday life. In Las Vegas, it has already become one of the most attractive shows due to its novelty. Nothing like it has ever been seen.

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