On aura tout vu


Replacing the set design that usually surrounds their parades by a cosmic sound atmosphere, this firm, which is synonymous of probability- expectation, opens “jet lag”, a hyperplastic collection with a clear idea to communicate: in the universe, the limits are learnt.

Right after glancing at the handbill and experiencing a feeling of musical empathy, this journey to the exorbitant space of haute-couture begins; one after another, the sculptural figures transport us to a society without an exact location, of utopian beauty, remote voluptuousness, boundless strength and a slight android spirit. The repertoire of designs surpasses all expectations by far. Each piece is unique, sharing an ornamentalcode of embroidered in stone surfaces, rows of feathers and sequin seams over bodies of tights that, minutely adjusted, allow the contrast of hyperbolic shoulders, bell-shaped skirts, trains and bodices with high reliefs the scarce uniformity is imposed by chromaticism: white, black, and basic metal colours. As a cherry on this futuristic cake, several drones accompany the outfits and succeed in spreading on the viewer the action of this created universe.

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Revista pensada para un público inquieto y contemporáneo, sensible a la creatividad.

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