Hybrid Art Fair Madrid

Aimee Marcos

For the last 2 years, the Hybrid Art Fair holds court once a year to showcase international galleries, independent spaces and emerging artists in Madrid, Spain.

Hybrid Art Fair

The most unique feature that they did in the fair this last year was to hold the fair in a hotel and for three days early in 2019, they turned three rooms into exhibition spaces and the communal areas of the hotel that were being used, were used for theatrical and musical performances, as well as have all the artists present mingling and creating more inspiring work.

This art fair is creating a new platform for up and coming artists to have a chance of being able to show off their talent, which is, as far as art exhibits go, pretty cool.

The front desk was instead a registration of the event rather than the concierge. Each room was taken over by a gallery or artist, from the beds being used as backdrops, to the bathroom and shower area, as well as the hallways and walkways of the boutique hotel Petit Palace Santa Barbara.

Hybrid Art Fair

Because the area is smaller, holding the small fair in this venue is perfect and the various collections that were displayed perfectly laid out.

The exhibit’s featured artists this last exhibit was some of the most vivid, innovative and thought provoking ones in the world. The one that is garnering most buzz is that of a Ukrainian group of art activists.

There was some lukewarm reviews on the fair itself but not the artists. Because perhaps this is a “young” art fair, the ropes are still being learned so to speak, and they too are also looking to find ways to help set them apart, with a gimmick that is sustainable for a long time.

Whatever the case, this is a new art fair to keep an eye on and you should look toward the first quarter of next year for the next one.

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