Junko Shimada SS 2020


Junko Shimada and her distinctive wink to life.

Women get close to psychedelics ꟷ in such a resounding manner we could define the fashion that Shimada invites us to wear during the upcoming months.

Would you dare to challenge the strongest standards of the world of fashion? What if we leap into the unknown and, at least for once in our lives, let ourselves be carried away by our deepest desires? What if this is what Junko Shimada is inviting us to do with the pieces that shape her spring-summer 2020 collection?

Junko Shimada

Be that as it may, the designer arrives ready to find room in the wardrobes of the most daring and irreverent women. The women that she seeks have little to do with the establishment, finding in difference the real appeal and the most powerful weapon of seduction. Junko Shimada thus winks to life drawing inspiration from the work of Malcolm McLaren, Madame Butterfly. She wants brave women, occasionally seen as delicate butterflies, to emerge breaking new grounds and standing as the best example of overcoming.

Junko Shimada

Might that butterfly be the perfect frame to hide fears and insecurities? Shimada invites us to get away from everything that might become an obstacle and reach that place where we visualize ourselves to be, the place where we really want to stay.

Junko Shimada invites us to become almost psychedelic women by opting for prints full of symbolism. Her combinations are like nothing we have seen before, far from that fresh air expected for the coming months. One-of-a-kind pieces are dyed the most exotic colour palette that we could ever imagine. And yet, it has little to do with the warmth of the spring and summer colours.

Junko Shimada

Exotic and flowery shades evoke the most intimate feelings, straight cuts appear with no artifice that could overshadow its purest essence. Sobriety at its best is translated into simple patterns, wrapping the female figure almost imperceptibly, avoiding shapes and curves charged with sensuality.

Junko Shimada

Junko Shimada is looking for a sensitive woman, almost fragile, but whose inner self harbours a strong spirit, full of freedom. Could submission and sensuality go hand in hand with determination? Shimada has no doubts and it is just what she wanted to capture in every stitch shaping the pieces of an irreverent collection, to say the least.

Junko Shimada

Overlays and pieces with an oversize touch become fully valid alternatives for women with a makeover. Straight cuts, shoulders with a certain hang, trousers with tulle overlays, puffed sleeves ꟷ anything goes for women who seek to find their true essence, without fear of challenging those who still see them as submissive and unable to deal with life. Now, they are unafraid of what people will say. Cotton, tulle, organza, tights… classic materials mixed with contemporary looks stand as the perfect blend to become the best alternative.

Junko Shimada

Even knowing that this will mean capturing everyone’s attention, and yet everyone’s misunderstanding of your most daring irreverence – would you dare to be seduced?

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