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Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the artist’s birth, Milan pays tribute with a unique exhibition telling the path  of Wassily Kandinsky’s voyage towards the abstract.


His art marked an imprint in XX Century history of painting. The show, entitled “The Wandering Knight” at MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) features 49 pictures by this Russian genius.

Kandinsky showed how colours associated with abstract forms are capable of evoking emotions, causing them to rediscover a forgotten spiritual dimension. He developed his painting style, studying Russian folk art and religious icons.

The exhibition focuses in the best period in his career. Starts with his training figurative works rooted in Russian traditions and reaches his turning point towards abstraction with a complete liberation from “slavery” to objects.

The period covers the end of 19th century until 1921, when Kandinsky moved to Germany. The connection with Russian folk art comes through icons, popular and decorative art. Most works come from Russian museums: Hermitage in St. Petersburg and Moscow’s Pushkin.

The founder of Abstract Art experimented with these aspects, revolutionising the expressive research throughout the art world with a scientific approach towards reality exploration. He expressed his own colour theories on his canvas. Thanks to chromatic experiments he succeeded in his wish to provoque physical and spiritual sensations.

Author of a book entitled “The spiritual in Art”, Kandinsky resumes the essence of his career:

“For years I have tried to make observers wonder and travel through my paintings.”

The trip, key element in the artist existence, becomes protagonist in his art trajectory. A pilgrimage inside Russia, its images and atmosphere assimilated in the artist’s mental laboratory. It is also an itinerary towards abstraction.

Deep inside, his art is a coloured trip through Kandinsky’s soul vibrations, a man of intense and profound spirituality.

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