Boosted by the peace treaty after fifty years of internal conflict, the world is finally getting to know Colombia as a country with incredible cultural and natural wealth.

So much so that international publications like The Economist designated it as the country of the year in 2016; Le Monde recommended it as one of the undiscovered destinations in 2017 and Bloomberg and Lonely Planetincluded it among the best destinations to visit in 2017 due to the natural wealth of its landscapes. The New York Times defines it as number two place of the world to visit in 2018.

BogotáPereiraMedellínCartagenaSanta MartaTairona… Culture, diversity, nature, beaches, mountains. Colombia is a magical land full of contrasts and history.

That’s why Colombia is the land of “sabrosura“. An engaging concept for those who visit it:

“There you will feel, taste, dance and live as only Colombia knows how”.

It’s the beat, the “vibra“: a certain “je ne sais quoi“, the chance to enjoy a Colombian beach or delight in the culture, the nature and the sense of wellbeing of the destinations offered by the country. With this motto, the aim is to promote the country through music, one of the most beautiful expressions of its diversity, a reflection of the emotions and feeling of its people.

Each place has its rhythm and that rhythm fills every single corner of a country that fills the visitor with almost mystical experiences. Music is an essential part of Colombian daily life, blending African and Caribbean rhythms with Andean tempos, influenced by Spain. The traditional sound is going to vary depending on which region of Colombia we are visiting: cumbia, pasillo, torbellino, bambuco, vallenato and mapalé. Folklore is constantly evolving.

Artists such as ShakiraJuanesCarlos Vives or J. Balvin, that top the charts all over the world, are a few examples. Cities like Bogotá and Medellín are part of the Creative Cities Network, recognised by UNESCO for their commitment to the musical ecosystem development. BogotaMedellín, as well as Cartagena de Indiasand Mompox have become hosts of more than forty large concert events of international recognition that attract music lovers worldwide.

In literature, history and painting the Colombians are cultural mainstays. The country has a captivating literary and artistic talent that crosses all borders, infectious. Gabriel García MárquezRafael PomboÁlvaro MutisFernando BoteroCandelario ObesoDavid ManzurAlejandro ObregónColombia is as tempting as its coffee: let yourself be intoxicated by the scent and enjoy.

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