Hong Kong in the mood for love


Heat, dampness, slowness, hidden corners, a dim light, mystery, tea, steam. A coming and going, stealthy looks, the fish stand, work, rain, ochres and golds, bare feet, secret feelings, footsteps, tradition, subtle, translucent. A door opens, closes, lamp, smile, mirror, soul, fan, love and breakups, pain, caresses, visual writing, discontinuity, evasion, loneliness, to accept, ¿dream? Hong kong.

A glance at the sky

More than 7 600 skyscrapers in the former british colony provide an absolutely different view of the traditional china. However, they are the driving force of the country’s economy.

Victoria Harbour.
District Central. Admiralty. Wan chai
Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon
Repulse Bay Deep Bay
the Art Centre City Hall
star ferry Koulon Man Mo temple Kowloon Escalator

Vices turned into ordinariness hide or show themselves according to what’s agreed in hong kong. Walking through streets invaded by souls, the origin, the memory and the now are mixed, in a city that sheds its skin many times a year like a snake.

At the top, the sky, barely visible among the modernity of its skyscrapers and its lights limits the very earth. It makes it know where it is, how far it can go, concentrating its life between corners and minimal meters where years of colonization sleep and make it share the neighborhood with excessive saturation, luxury and verticality. An ambivalence of two emotions, two feelings, a double reality.

Hong kong is a strange synergy between before and after. Like a sad and tragic ode mixed with a shameless comedy. It’s the mixture of what it was, what it is, what it wants to be and where it wants to go. Figures in the streets draw this canvas. Some use harmonious strokes to balance body and mind; others use the magic of the numbers in banks and corporations to keep on climbing the mountain of capitalist roots. Hong kong has many glances and many encounters, it’s the perfect city for loosing and finding oneself.

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