Pedro Subijana – Dear teacher. Dear Master.


Pedro Subijana

Dear teacher. Dear Master.

Pedro Subijana

His true history as a cook starts in Euromar school in Zarautz, at the hand of his master, and now friend, Luis Irizar. After taking his first steps in Vitoria, Tolosa, Hernani, Madrid and Estella, he came into Akelarre as a professional cook.

Pedro Subijana

From that magical shore of the Cantabrian Sea, his artistic skills at the head of the kitchen and his ongoing work have taken his restaurant to the top, so that his cuisine is now known worldwide.

The three-Michelin-starred Pedro Subijana is the teacher of teachers. The beloved teacher who, besides teaching, passes on his passion for the art of gastronomy to his students.

A career of innovation, education, and consistent recognition is the backstory of Pedro Subijana, tireless creative and ultimate leader of Basque cuisine’s evolution.

Pedro Subijana

Pedro Subijana, as a food communicator and teacher, gives lessons in the School of Hospitality where he studied. He also publishes cookbooks and gives lectures in Spanish, European and American institutions. He became a TV star in 1992 with his lessons at La Cocina de Pedro Subijana programme in Euskal Telebista.

Pedro Subijana

The progressive development of Pedro Subijana led him to become one of the most recognised chefs in the world.

Now, besides enjoying his cuisine, those wishing an even more enriching experience can also stay in his newly opened luxury hotel, where the chef sensorially extends the visit to his iconic restaurant.

Pedro Subijana

With spectacular views over the Bay of Biscay, in a unique setting with a refined decoration of a contemporary, sober and elegant style, with Spa & Wellness centre and an impressive wine cellar, Pedro Subijana turns Akelarre into a unique experience with the best views over the Basque coast.

Pedro Subijana

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Pedro Subijana

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