Chaumet will permit the public to contemplate its imperial majesty.

If you plan to visit the country of love this year, don’t miss some of the exhibitions that Chaumet will keep open to the public.

Throughout this year of 2019, the Chaumet house will introduce at the private palace of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in Paris, a series of temporary exhibitions with the clear objective of bringing to the public the grandiloquence of many of the most classic and relevant pieces from the finest jewellery firm.

For those who may not have heard of Chaumet yet — any lover of luxury worthy of the name might have done so at some point during their life — the cornerstone of the jewellery firm was laid in 1780 and its history has always run parallel to the future of the history of France.

The house quickly became the main firm of the Empress Joséphine.

If there is one thing that dazzled the Empress, it was Chaumet‘s indisputable artistry in creating exclusive tiaras for her, making her the unquestionable inspiration of all the firm’s creations.

However, although Napoléon Bonaparte‘s wife was its main muse, Chaumet has always dedicated all its creations to those women who ennoble their maximum femininity and elegance.

It is the spirit of Joséphine that has inspired Joséphine, Joséphine – Chaumet au Firmament, the first of three exhibitions that the legendary jewellery house will bring to the public throughout the year, in which lovers of jewellery may contemplate the most curious, elegant and exclusive collections.

Amongst other elements, visitors and curious amateurs are invited to delight in the sophistication of many tiaras and diadems where the most exquisite taste is reflected in exceptional precious stones.

Among all the pieces exhibited, tiaras are the ones that show the grandiloquence and majesty of Chaumet‘s jewellery to the greatest extent.

Sapphires of an intense blue, majestic rubies, emeralds of radiant greenery and spotless white diamonds are just a few of the precious stones chosen by the firm to be the object of desire for all those who, even for a short moment, stop puzzled before any of its creations.

They will do so before tiaras, necklaces, rings, and earrings of rounded and elegant shapes that reveal the exquisite taste of the Empress for anything relating to botany and nature, a clear nod to the land where she was born.

The second exhibition signed by Chaumet in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in Paris, seeks to pay homage to arts through the exhibition Dess(e)in de nature. Visitors have the opportunity there to walk by flora and fauna elements, a great inspiration for Chaumet‘s designers over the centuries that have turn them into true masters of fine jewellery.

Lilies, roses, butterflies — elements of beauty beyond description through which Chaumet transport us to an exciting, fertile world in the heart of nature. Thanks to the majestic technique they use to polish and shape precious stones, they turn them into jewels capable of becoming authentic pieces full of history.

Brilliant Écritures, the third of Chaumet‘s exhibitions on boulevard Saint-Germain focuses this year on the relation between the jewellery firm and personalities from the most classical literature.

Thus, from Honoré de Balzac to Alexandre Dumas, through characters as well-known to history as Edith Wharton, Edmond Rostand, Alfred de Musset, Colette, or Olga PicassoChaumet has always attracted literary characters and has inspired the most relevant writers of any historical period. This is the origin of Brilliant Écritures collection, whose aim is to pay tribute to these ties and connections with important authors and key figures in the literary scene.

Regardless of the reasons that led to each of the Chaumet‘s exhibitions, if there is anything the visitor will be able to perceive in all of them, it is the savoir-faire of an exclusive jewellery house that has managed to keep its spirit alive throughout history. They know how to transmit from generation to generation for the sole purpose of, in the middle of the 21st century, continuing to work pieces as exquisite as those worn by the Empress Joséphine at the French court a long time ago.

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