Neomania #49

Maria de Juan

Neomania #49. Artificial intelligence, a challenge in art and life

We find ourselves at a crossroads. Artificial intelligence has disrupted our lives and is advancing at the speed of light. It is transforming our daily routines. It opens up a huge range of opportunities but also poses great challenges.

Will we have the intelligence to emerge victorious in this long-distance race?

The art of all times is human made. Just like the artists of the movement that we offer you: Pointillism. It is an artistic technique that consists of painting tiny dots. It emerged in 1884, in France and went to Italy where it adopted the name of Divisionism.

Another more recent color expert is the American Mark Rothko, a key figure of Abstract Expressionism. The Fondation Louis Vuitton presents its first exhibition in France since that of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (1999). It brings together works from the Art National Gallery of Washington and the London Tate Gallery.

We pay posthumous tribute to the Colombian Fernando Botero, painter and sculptor of round characters, who recently passed away. He has left us two museums: in Bogotá and Medellín.

In Architecture, we celebrate the Argentine Emilio Ambasz. An exhibition of his work at the MoMA in New York explores the evolution of his environmental constructions. Never before has there been so much interest in the symbiosis between architecture and nature.

This topic has inspired us to investigate and we bring you another example: Fish Tail Park, in China. The architecture studio Turenscape has reinvented an urban landfill, transforming it into a dream floating forest on a swampy area.

At the opposite pole, a nod to the future, far from nature and very connected to the virtual world, is the largest spherical enclosure in the world: The Sphere in Las Vegas. Its gigantic screen is designed by the Spanish architect Miguel Montgivel. The American promoters, Madison Square Garden (MSG), had planned a second Sphere in Stratford, London, a project canceled due to its very high cost.

In fashion, we admire multi-racial couturiers, which demonstrates Neomania’s international focus: two Europeans and three Asians.

The Frenchman Julien Fournie and the Greek Celia Kritharioti, who has the oldest fashion house in the country (since 1906). The Chinese Robert Wun, born in Hong Kong who designs in London. Rahul Mishra from India, based in Delhi, is the first Indian invited to Paris Haute Couture Week and lastly, Yuima Nakazato, the only Japanese invited to Paris Fashion Week.

Artificial intelligence may invade us but nothing and no one can replace the works of these brilliant creators, not a smile on the other end of the phone or the pleasure of a meaningful and thoughtful text (like what you read in Neomania), and not those produced by a cold, robotic text generator.

Shall we be able to preserve what makes us human?


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