Elie Saab



Elie Saab’s iridescent moon

Always prepared. Always ready to be seduced by the most daring, chic, and charismatic moon in the light of which to start nights full of fun and debauchery. This is the woman that Elie Saab draws for next season.

Would you dare let yourself be seduced by the most suggestive moon? Would you dare to bring out your true self in the shadow of a moon that Saab dreams of making you shine?

That is exactly what Elie Saab is looking for with each and every one of the pieces that shape his most iridescent collection.

elie saab spring summer 2024 011

elie saab spring summer 2024 032

elie saab spring summer 2024 036

elie saab spring summer 2024 049

elie saab spring summer 2024 059

elie saab spring summer 2024 094

elie saab spring summer 2024 099

A collection full of vibrant, daring, and majestic combinations through cheerful textures chosen in lively colours that come to accentuate and enhance the energy of the wearer.

The Lebanese fashion designer wants, during the next spring-summer season, women to fill their days with radiant looks with which to show the world their fullest happiness. For this, Elie Saab bets on simple silhouettes through casual lines and contours.

Flowing dresses for the hottest summer nights, organza thread, flowers that fill the most casual and sophisticated bombers with life; precious stones that, as a cascade, dot caftans and capes giving rise to sophisticated and fun geometric shapes in dresses that embrace asymmetrical silhouettes…

Anything goes for the woman imagined by Saab to fill the dance floors of the most opulent parties with charisma.
And in the midst of this opulence, accessories do not go unnoticed. Platforms, raffia, leather, or mini bags with extravagant gemstones become perfect allies of those who seek to find a sometimes forgotten happiness and debauchery in the nights of summer.

Cheerful textures in the brightest colors radiate energy everywhere.

Simple silhouettes are represented through casual lines and contours.

Strong monochromatic cocktails contrast with embroidered tulle mixed wonderfully with delicate lace worthy of a true design work of art.

Transparencies on camisoles and tight skirts full of subtle embellishments make the Elie Saab woman one who is always ready for a date with the moon, and become the true queen of the evening.

This is happiness through the purest sparkles of a sophisticated summer night.

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