Valdez Arquitectos

Aimee Marcos

Valdez Arquitectos is an architectural firm that is based in Mexico and established in 2008. The main objective of the firm is to understand the needs of their clients and transform their ideas into shows a unique expression of design and functionality.

Fernando Valdez

With each project that they take on, they “seek to achieve an innovative result that does in line with delivery times and budget,” that their clients have. This of course, without letting go of the high standard of quality and professionalism that they espouse.

Under their impressive portfolio, they have seen projects that are from housing and residential projects, all the way to high performance industrial and commercial designs.

The firm prides themselves for being able to deliver on time, efficiently and with dynamic designs that ensures the functionality is also ensured.

Place of origin / birth:

Puebla, Mexico. October 20, 1988.

Inspiration / muses:

I usually find inspiration in other arts, like fashion, painting, sculpture, movies, and theatre. Looking into nature is also a great source of inspiration. I believe that looking into something outside of your field of work gives you a different perspective of things and helps you get more in touch with your creative side.
Alexander McQueen is a personality I often look up to and I love how he used to work and used his creativity and imagination into his craft. 

First project:

I got the opportunity to design my first building at a very young age, I had just graduated, and I got in charge of designing 7 apartments building. This project gave me an idea of what I wanted to communicate with my architecture.

Top projects:

We have 2 projects that are very different from each other, The first one is a 3-story building where the main axis of the design was to create a symbiosis with the public space and the interior, this was achieved with a sculpture made in collaboration with L.A. artist Kai.
The second one is a 19-story residential building that we named Best in Black which has a façade that originates from the concept of the all-time classic Tetris game, this gave the project the principles of the game but in an elegant type of old time-black and gray version. This design gave the project multiple international awards and recognition.


Best in Black:
– International Architecture Award 2020 by The European Centre For Architecture, Art And Urban Studies. 
– DNA Paris Honorable Mention.
– Finalist: The plan awards. 
– A´Design IRON AWARD 

Firms for which you have designed:

I have design work for Grupo K, it is a real state private company located in Puebla and a couple of other clients. We usually work for private companies looking to design houses, buildings, or commercial spaces.

Favorite work you have done:

I have a couple of those, right now we are working on 2 new projects that I believe will be my favorites, but on the past work we have done a hotel design, a mixed-use office building, and a residential building, I believe this 3 represent the road and the message we try to give with our work.

Function or form: which drives you more?

I think form, we usually start by drafting more the form and idea and message of what we want to achieve, and then look into the function, don´t get me wrong, we believe both should complement perfectly so the project is in harmony in every level.

What would be your dream project / collaboration?

I like to collaborate with artists or personalities from different arts, so to do a project with a famous fashion designer or an artist like KAWS or Takashi Murakami would be my dream, for what the project could be I right now I guess would dream to do something in New York, Milan, London, really be given the chance to put our work on a different country.

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