Julien Fournié AW 2023-24 Collection



Woman as the only real shield to protect humanity. with this clear belief, Julien Fournié once again extols feminine values through his next collection by betting on a feminisation of military style. A true ode to femininity that the designer has named first Shield.

The couturier Julien Fournié is a firm and clear defender of the idea that women are the only ones who can bring about the salvation of humanity. he firmly believes in their power, their strength, their diplomacy, their transformation and, above all, in their capacity for resilience.

He believes this and expresses it in the best way he knows how: through haute couture pieces that, combined to perfection, become the perfect discourse with which to address these new generations, whom he calls to resist false trends through elegance and creativity.

Julien Fournie AW 2023-24

Julien Fournie AW 2023-24

Julien Fournie AW 2023-24

Julien Fournie AW 2023-24

Julien Fournie AW 2023-24

Julien Fournie AW 2023-24

Julien Fournie AW 2023-24

Julien Fournie AW 2023-24

Julien Fournié has created a collection for the coming autumn-winter season based on military style.

To do this, he has not hesitated to soften and feminize it through a body – the female body – that wears garments of men’s clothing in general and military clothing in particular like no one else.

It plays with extremely masculine garments, such as the tuxedo, which Fournié does not hesitate to turn into a delicate and elegant evening dress through embroidery, and masterfully combines forage belts, harnesses and different signs of military pomp, which are adorned with the stars typical of military uniforms, transformed into precious embroidery with which to create unique jackets and evening dresses.

Embroidery literally attacks, gaining ground and invading precious fabrics. thus, there is a real battle of brilliance between the elaborate and delicate silk fabric and the lurex devoured by the embroidery.

In other pieces, the “cannetille,” a metallic thread, adorns the collar of oversize jackets in silk, velvet, or satin dupioni.

The Parisian designer opts for silk trimmings and bathes the austere shoulder pads of the officers in new colours; tassels replace medals and the stars of the caps come to dot the dresses of those whom Fournié considers the true defenders of the human race: women.

In this amalgam of elements, Julien Fournié does not deny any inspiration, neither geographical nor historical. Proof of this are the fastenings of 19th century uniforms, samurai clothing, the uniforms of 20th century soldiers, riding jackets or men’s crinolines. Everything makes sense to Fournié. Everything has a place in his concept of fashion.

Khaki, lagoon blue, rose gold, violet or red are the shades that make up Fournié’s colour palette for the coming season. A palette in which black continues, of course, to have its place. the designer also opts for graduated shades and, of course, for the brilliance so characteristic of lurex.

Julien Fournié creates a true hymn to femininity through a collection converted into an ode to authenticity in which each and every one of the delicate pieces that comprise it are called to remind humanity that we are made only of stardust.

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