Mir贸, the colour of dreams

Maria de Juan

President Macron and the Royal Majesties of Spain inaugurated the exhibition 鈥淢iro, la couleur de mes r锚ves鈥. With Catalonia in the news, one of its greatest artists, Joan Mir贸, is at Grand Palais de Par铆s.

The Spanish was one of the key figures of Surrealism. Spanning over 70 years, the show features 250 paintings, sculptures and drawings.

Joan Mir贸

Mir贸 hung out with the Paris based surrealists but developed a style that was all his own, creating a vocabulary of personal symbols for his brightly coloured paintings and ceramics. At first glance his works are playful and full of joy but there鈥檚 a darker undercurrent that adds depth.

This exhibition explores Joan Miro鈥檚 influences, from prehistoric cave paintings to Japanese Art, before focusing on the innovative work he produced in Paris and Mallorca.

Some of his best works are in Fundaci贸n Mir贸 en Mallorca, where the artist lived and worked until his death in 1983. It includes his house, a museum and a sculpture garden.

He worked extensively not only painting but also in lithography, besides producing numerous murals, tapestries and sculptures for public spaces.

The Catalan painter combined Abstract Art with Surrealist fantasy. His mature style evolved from tension between his fanciful, poetic impulse and his vision of modern life harshness.

Mir贸 sought to establish means of metaphorical expression, to discover signs that stand for nature in a trascendent poetic sense.

He wanted to portray nature as depicted by a primitive person or a hiper-sensitive child.

“For me, a painting must give off sparks. It must dazzle like the beauty of a woman or a poem” said Joan Mir贸.

Thirty five years after his death, this poet of colour continues to inspire our curiosity and fascination through his extraordinary simplistic and surrealist style.

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