Stéphane Rolland SS·22


Stéphane Rolland’s free spirit

The construction of a new order, of a new balance. Is this what Stéphane Rolland is looking for in his return to the catwalks? Is he aiming to give shape to new women who find their purest essence in minimalism?

A new balance based on a delicate minimalism, fragile and at the same time unwavering – this balance is what the women dressed by Stéphane Rolland aspire to reach in order to show their true essence, their purest personality, their friendlier yet most sophisticated side.

Ideally, this balance is attainable without forgetting all lived experience, imbued with memories. And it’s to be achieved by the deconstruction of the present, so the French designer opts this time to create motion through the woman’s body, a motion able to convey the purest and most private thoughts. This is how Rolland imagines the next season for those women who will choose to wear one of his creations.

Gone are the cold months of an entirely different winter. We say goodbye to one season and open our arms to another, in which we are eager to let ourselves go, to feel, to vibrate, and to live. With the arrival of spring, everything seems to flow. Months stand before us in which opportunities crowd our hearts and feelings never cease to emerge, eager to show themselves.

To experience all the good things to come, Stéphane Rolland outlines a season in which motion becomes the only one and true protagonist of moments meant to be unforgettable. In order to achieve this, he brings out his most ethereal side and invites women to let themselves be enveloped by unique pieces, created from an exquisite and unprecedented minimalism.

Tunics and caftans compete in elegance, art, and movement. Sleeves almost touch the ground; hoods and veils give a mystical and elegant aura. Everything serves to build that exquisite motion that Stéphane Rolland longs for. It wraps women who don’t seek to highlight their shape, but simply to let themselves be enveloped, to be loved, by silks, gauzes, and transparencies with which to fly free. Trousers, jumpsuits, dresses, capes…, all oversize and dyed in elegant and sophisticated shades, are offered by Stéphane Rolland to women who will shine with their own light next spring.

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