Editorial #36

Maria de Juan

The artist’s eternity

“Every painter paints himself”, says an ancient Chinese proverb. “The artist expresses his body” wrote the poet Paul Valery. Rather, Art captures the body and the life that animates him. The focus of NEOMANIA’s new season is summarise in the images, body and soul of the artist.

The greatest event is the celebration of Rodin’s Centenary with exhibitions in 15 museums around the world. The father of Modern Sculpture, transformed stone into bare skin and made the marble breathe.

Admiring his nude’s delicacy, the dreamlike Surrealism of Marc Chagall’s paintings, the Cubist geometries of Victor Vasarely, the nocturnal characters of Ceesepe… we stop the time, close our eyes and open our souls to realise that the work of an artist is his greatest treasure: the record of his life.

And we not only focus on pure ART. We admire fashion, travel to luxury hotels in Hong Kong, fly to Buenos Aires, taste gastronomic delights in Aponiente (Cádiz) and discover in Mexico, a secret that will give a lot to talk about: a mini Guggenheim Museum reinvented in the heart of the jungle.

Neomania #36

We pay an emotional posthumous tribute to Ceesepe, icon painter of “La Movida” (Madrid 80’s movement). The word autobiography falls short for what is his self-portrait, scattered throughout the legacy of his paintings. Irony of ironies! He wrote a book, “Automoribundia“, winking at Gómez de la Serna. In his texts he tells us about the consciousness of living and dying, of fighting between nothingness and something. When he died, Ceesepe, like the almost infinite artists of all times, he left us much more than something. Because artists, like God, are eternal.


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