AKRIS Fantasy



AKRIS’s ode to natural beauty

For the coming season, AKRIS gives shape to a collection in which women artists find that niche that, perhaps too often, the universe has denied them.

akris primavera verano 2024

akris primavera verano 2024

akris primavera verano 2024

akris primavera verano 2024

akris primavera verano 2024

akris primavera verano 2024

akris primavera verano 2024

Harmony and simplicity. A perfect combination around the natural wonders that AKRIS invites us to approach to pay the purest and most deserved tribute to all those women artists who, over the years, and sometimes against all odds, have managed to shape a legacy of self-expression that both the Swiss house and its creative director seek to perpetuate and keep away from the corners of oblivion.

Thus, AKRIS invites us to let ourselves be seduced by a collection full of creative possibilities that find in craftsmanship its clearest form of expression.

A “Fantasy” inspired by Felice Lizzi Rix-Ueno, a textile and handicraft designer who at the beginning of the 20th century established herself as one of the most outstanding artists of the Wiener Werkstätte with her design poetry.

Her poetry had been transformed into pieces full of ornaments, vitality, colour, and curves at a time when reduction and rationality dominated the minds of the moment.

A poetry that Albert Kriemler, creative director of AKRIS, has made his own, turning each of the verses that compose it into pieces made with great detail, in perfect compositions in which imagination and originality stand as symbols of the purest essence.

AKRIS invites us, through a collection of clean and minimalist lines, to fill our spring with movement, fluidity, visual music, whimsical ideas that lead us to be seduced by the purest art through fabrics full of poppies carefully embroidered by hand, tassels transformed into sophisticated fringe, and elegant and distinguished organza shown off in suits and coats.

Shirts, skirts, jackets, dresses… are all pieces that, through extraordinarily light materials, masterfully wrap the body of a woman who dyes her days in blues, yellows, and reds, betting on a colour palette full of life in all its versions.

A life that for AKRIS cannot be understood without that “Fantasy” that gives its name to its collection and with which it seeks to demonstrate that only the purest creativity will lead us to our own identity.

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