Salvador Dalí and Gala

Maria de Juan

Salvador Dalí and Gala, his eternal muse.

Salvador Dalí painted his wife Gala over and over again. Who was this woman that everyone admired? … inspiring muse of artists and poets? … creator?

Salvador Dalí

Undoubtedly, she was an angelic-demonic dominator of Salvador Dalí‘s dreams… as well as an artist, historian, entrepreneur, writer and fashion icon.

Elena Dimitrovna Diakonova, born in Russia, possessed great sensitivity for art and a fascinating intellectual appeal.

Salvador Dalí

In Paris she belonged to the Surrealist group and many of them fell in love with her.

Being married to the poet Paul Eulard, she maintained a menage-à-trois with the surrealist painter Max Ernst. He painted a portrait of the Surrealists where the only woman was her.

Salvador Dalí

Gala met Dalí with Buñuel and Magritte. In 1934 she left everything for the Spaniard and officially became “Gala Dalí“.

She was 10 years older than the artist, very young and unknown. Throughout his life, Gala was at his side as muse, model and agent.

She appears portrayed in hundreds of paintings and drawings, often like the Virgin Mary.

Salvador Dalí

The artist wrote: “I painted my pictures with Gala’s blood“. He even signed with a joint signature: “Gala Salvador Dalí“.

This mysterious cultured woman, talented creator, colleague and companion of poets and painters, lived her art and life in an intensely literary way.

Gala was an elegant and sophisticated woman, very aware of the image she wanted to project.

She had a huge impact on the development of Avant-garde Art.

Salvador Dalí

Gala always felt more comfortable in the shadows but, like Salvador, she also wanted to become a legend someday.

She found her place in the Surrealist movement and her image will remain forever in Dalí‘s paintings.

Exhibition “Gala-Dali“, National Museum of Art of Catalonia (Barcelona) and Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation (Figueras).

Salvador Dalí

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