Zuhair Murad



Everything in black. Or almost everything. Zuhair Murad moves away from the explosion of colour to which we have become accustomed and lets himself be seduced by the tonality of the nocturnal realm. Will he succeed?

Vibrant and saturated colors have always been present, in one way or another, in the creations signed by the Lebanese fashion designer.

On this occasion, Murad has decided to make a 180-degree turn and convert black into the epicentre of his desires. thus, he allows himself to be seduced and embraced by a colour typical of the nights in which mystery takes over its protagonists.

Nights dotted with twinkling stars that Zuhair Murad sees reflected in exclusive and elegant embroideries that become spectacular points of light that seem to radiate from the wearer.

Through this new collection, zuhair murad gives shape to a mysterious realm in which garments are born from exquisite patterns.

Zuhair Murad AW 2023

Zuhair Murad AW 2023

Zuhair Murad AW 2023

Zuhair Murad AW 2023

Zuhair Murad AW 2023

Zuhair Murad AW 2023

Zuhair Murad AW 2023

Zuhair Murad AW 2023

Carefully elaborated patterns that give birth to garments made for the delight of the most demanding senses. these patterns illuminate dresses that the haute couture designer gives life to with impressive lace and embroidery, as well as skirts of soft and flexible textures that, through impossible openings, become key pieces in the game of the most sensual seduction.

Murad sprinkles each and every one of his creations with details that, like feathers, gracefully envelop the female body, making each piece a clear symbol of exclusivity and sophistication.

Perfectly defined contours alternate with fascinating volumes that accentuate the charm of the female body, masterfully molding it and enhancing its most sensual beauty.

Everything in this collection exudes an aura of medieval opulence that leaves no one indifferent, combining gothic elements with a clearly modern and contemporary style.

Zuhair Murad has done it again, this time, through a colour palette in which magnetic black becomes king, permeating each piece, becoming the very essence of seduction. A seduction that finds in other shades such as red, silver, blue or purple that perfect beam of light to illuminate the dim autumn nights that are about to arrive.

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