Ángel León + APONIENTE


Ángel León, the kingfisher of APONIENTE

Ángel León + APONIENTE

Ángel León is a sailor who found in fishing trips with his father away of living and working while doing what he loves: cooking the sea.

He is certainly one of the most influential chefs of our times, with that natural talent that characterises those who make gastronomy progress, taking it towards little explored places like the sea. Ángel’s work philosophy is based on respect and fantasy, and he brings together tradition and evolution in a perfect symbiosis.

Ángel León + APONIENTE

Sailor by vocation: his passion for the sea and fishing, for the knowledge of nature that he holds dear, fish, seaweeds and salts, make him project that intimate horizon into his cooking.

You will recognise him by his look of international sailor from Cadiz, by the flood of new ideas coming from a restless soul; more than discover the most important culinary techniques, what obsesses him is to extract from the sea what others don’t want or can’t see, all in order to offer new ingredients and previously unknown species to human beings.

Ángel León + APONIENTE

He projects a certain air of romantic daydream in his culinary and marine ideals that are translated into what we could call the “recreation” of the 21st-century marine cuisine. A cooking of bases, “fumets“, of fire, like that of old alchemists, where pots boil and the underworld is harmonised through traditional and avant-garde techniques and just the right amount of risk.

Ángel León:

“We take a step forward and we see this menu, unlike other seasons, with a special emphasis on flavour ups and downs, where the connecting thread is always the salt and, of course, the sea.”

Ángel León + APONIENTE

The Chef of the Sea works with WWF from 2016 to support its project for responsible fish consumption through the campaign Embárcate, “Get aboard“, with the WWF Solar, his public support to the Fish Forward initiative and an interview and an audiovisual program to raise citizens’ awareness about the role that daily purchase decisions have on the health of the oceans.

APONIENTE, a restaurant located in an old nineteenth century tide mill within the Parque Natural Bahía de Cádiz, in Puerto de Santa María, inhabited by species subject to constantly changing weather conditions and tidal cycles.

Ángel León + APONIENTE

APONIENTE offers a cuisine whose basis is the reinterpretation of marine cuisine in the 21st century. Sustainability and the search for a different way cooking seafood prepared the way for the current restaurant thanks to discoveries as important as plankton as gastronomy or marine charcuterie using species discarded by fish trade until recently.

Sustainability, gastronomy and environment combine perfectly to create a different and unique experience.

Ángel León + APONIENTE

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