Neomania #39


Maria de Juan

Neomania #39. Ode to eternal artists

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We have become “Museum trotes”, thrill to explore five continents, hunting for you top exhibitions.

Why this passion?

Museums, have become cult centres worldwide, equivalent of Middle Age cathedrals and Renaissance palaces. Never before existed so endless queues to enter these “Temples of Art.

The most innovative exhibitions, bring to Neomania readers that cultural touch so important in our times when an intellectual is already an endangered species.

This is why we offer you the possibility to visit, without leaving the comfort of your armchair, the most fantastic museums in Paris, London, New York, Moscow, Montreal…

In this Neomania #39 issue, we bring you highest level exhibitions:

Swiss painter, Balthus at Museo Thyssen (Madrid).

Eternal Picasso fascinates us with “Love, fame and glory” at TATE Modern (London) and traveling “Olga Picasso” at Musee Picasso (Paris), Museo Pushkin (Moscow), CaixaForum (Madrid) and Museo Picasso (Málaga).

Brazilian photographer, Sebastiao Salgado, defender of nature and founder of Instituo Terra, exhibits at Musee de L’Homme and streets of Paris, with huge illuminated photographs.

German painter, Lyonel Feininger, a Bauhaus member, at Whitney Museum (New York) and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Canada).

Group show of portraits of the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson at National Portrait Gallery (London) and Musee Grand Palais (Paris).

In Architecture Section, discover giant constructions with broken mirrors and ceramics, by Niki de Saint Phalle with a very personal vision of architecture. Her work is practically, large-scale sculpture, very Surrealistic. Her latest oeuvre, is Tarot Garden in Tuscany (Italy). “Giardino dei Tarocchi” is a real treasure for dreamers, where art, architecture and nature merge in perfect harmony.

We pay posthumous tribute to two great creators: German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, the “Kaiser of Fashion” and the most universal from Canary Islands, Martín Chirino. This wind sculptor, a space poet, leaves a legacy of iron spirals in his own Museum, Fundación Arte y Pensamiento in Castillo de la Luz, Las Palmas (Castle of Light)… appropriate name for a man who has just gone into the light of eternity.

Just like musicians, writers and great geniuses, these creators remain eternally alive through their art. To all of them, we dedicate, with love and admiration, each new issue of Neomania magazine. Because Art, in all its facets, helps us to rise above the level of daily life, making us feel a little more divine in our path as mere humans on planet earth.

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