Neomania #43


Neomania #43. Optimism

In Neomania #43 we give you an optimistic picture of this amazing world we are living in, in all of its kaleidoscopic diversity. Read here about flying cars, art movements, sculpture, photography, design, fashion

Through the early part of the pandemic to global warming, the world has faced a challenging couple of years. Which is probably what makes 2022 so far feel remarkably… normal.

That does not mean our community no longer faces turmoil.

We continue to grapple with persistent drought, new COVID-19 variants and economic crisis. Yet this year 2022 makes us optimistic. We can still come together as a community and celebrate what makes our culture so great: creative people.

People have moulded our world in many different ways, some bringing very worthwhile contributions while others leave their mark in less beneficial ways. These people have the ability to inspire others to work harder, achieve more or just to live a better life.

Artists dream the future and their visions are filled with flying cars. These amazing vehicles are closer than you think.

We celebrate Chillida. He is one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century, comparable to Brancusi, Calder and Giacometti. Passionate about iron, allied with fire, earth and wind.

Neomania #43 pay tribute to a great photographer, painter, writer and poet, Ouka Leele, who painted her photographs with colour and poetry. She just won Photo España Award 2022, posthumously.

Looking back we research Primitivism, an art style from last Century that is still alive today.

We travel to fabulous hotels in Cape Town, Abu Dabhi and London and bring you the latest in worldwide fashion: Mabille, Sorbier, Hobeika, Mishra, Rolland and Murad.

2022 has been an opportunity to see a resurgence of collaboration and it makes us hopefully optimistic. Not just for the continued success of creators but for the ability of our community to come together on the challenges we continue to face.

That’s absolutely worth celebrating.

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